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Exploring ‘Cloud Dough’


I found a recipe for cloud dough on Pinterest a few weeks ago and saved it to one of my boards. Today I whipped up a double batch for the 2’s and 3’s to explore.  Since we’re still on the tail-end of Valentine’s Day, I put a bunch of Valentine-themed scoops and molds for the kids to use while manipulating the dough.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from cloud dough before making it and I was really happy with the texture. It has many of the same properties of wet sand – it feels soft to the touch but will become hard and pack down well.  I had a hard time transitioning quite a few of the kiddos away from the sensory tubs, so I’d say it was a successful experiment.

The recipe I used was extremely simple:

8 cups flour

1 cup baby oil

mix together until the oil is completed incorporated into the flour. You’re ready to go!


I am not sure how long the dough will last. It seemed to be getting a little harder as the day wore on so it might be a short lived sensory material – but since its so cheap and easy to make I expect we’ll me making more cloud dough soon.

Here’s a link with the same recipe I used: Tinkerlab


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